Hi, I’m Elisa Maria Campos, a Brazilian journalist who is passionate about taking social inclusion, development and technologies. I grew up in a poor neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro where I met the most generous and helpful people in the world, starting from my parents. I learned early in life empathy was the path to happiness and here I am, always searching ways to escalate this sense of community and solidarity. In this case, by using information, technology and creativity.

A vibrating tennis to guide blinds. Is it helpful?

Close your eyes and imagine how life of a blind person is. Who has never played this game in order to better understand the challenges people with visual limitations face.? How do they know where they are going? How do they know where to turn left or right? Lechal was born as a smart shoe to help blinds by using geo-sensitive technology to vibrate and show the path. Is it helpful?

How 3D printers can help India to save oxygen

Manu Prakash, a professor of bioengineering at Stanford University, has developed a Project basted on 3D printed engineering that allow to save up to 50% of oxygen in a tank . This is possible because during oxygen therapy, when a patient exhales, oxygen is still being supplied and is thus wasted.

Why should you care?

I have clear in my mind the images of that day I received my first salary in life. I was just an intern at a big Publishing House in Rio de Janeiro, it was not much money, but it was mine. I called then a friend and asked him if I could bring some food to a few families at “City of God”, a famous favela in Rio (that became a prized movie later with the same name and was visited even by Barack Obama)..