Hi, I’m Elisa Maria Campos, a journalist and social scientist passionate about pimguins, fruits, technology and development. I have over 10 years of experience in Communications for Development and now I am also a Data Analyst aspirant. Have you ever known someone who hates Pinguins? Neither did I, and have in mind I have already lived in 5 countries: Brazil, Italy, Germany, South Africa and India, but I am Brazilian, which explains my passion for fruits, smiles and carnival. Do you want to know more about me? Go social:

Why should you care?

I have clear in my mind the images of that day I received my first salary in life. I was just an intern at a big Publishing House in Rio de Janeiro, it was not much money, but it was mine. I called then a friend and asked him if I could bring some food to a few families at “City of God”, a famous favela in Rio (that became a prized movie later with the same name and was visited even by Barack Obama)..