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Elisa Maria Campos - Brazilian Journalist
Elisa Maria Campos

A Brazilian Journalist,

Master in Global Studies by
Albert-Ludwigs-Freiburg University.

Postgraduate at International Relations.

Lived in 5 countries: Brazil, Italy, Germany, South Africa and India.

+30 humanitarian missions with Operation Smile

5 languages:

Loves children.
Plays Euphonium at
a children carnival band
in Rio de Janeiro.

+ 30 carnivals

A journalist who believes life is too fast to do other things than good ones.

I’d say my history starts when I was 3 years old. We were in front of home, waiting my grandparents for lunch. I grew up in this poor neighborhood called Praça Seca, where neighbors were friends (many still are) and strong social relations contrast with high rates of violence. Two thieves arrived to steal my grandpa’s car and murdered him in front of us – me, mom and my old brother.

Since that day my life has never been the same anymore. My parents decided not to move out. I testified a bunch of other very violent episodes throughout the years. It was the tough way to learn about the impacts of inequality.

And now,  that I also lived in South Africa, India and Europe, I have seen (and felt)  inequality damages in different forms: racism, machismo, violence, xenophobia, migration and so on – and it must end. This portal is a call to action. An information hub to everyone who identify with the idea we need peace AND we need to take attitudes for that.

That’s also  how I’ve passed my life, engaging in social projects in the favelas, visiting sick people, volunteering in Greenpeace, motivating local culture, working with Operation Smile and studying a lot. That is how I also realized my passion and my mission in this life is to engage in social issues. That’s who I am.

That’s a summary of how I became a journalist, specialized in International Relations, doing In a brief, this is a summary of how I became a journalist, specialized in International Relations, doing my master in Social Sciences/Global Studies at the Albert Ludwigs Freiburg Universitat, in Germany, South Africa and India. 

My parents still live at the same neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, at the same house and keep helping people around 


Here you can find my Linkedin profile and more detailed info on my career.

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