5 pillars

These are our 5 pillars. 5 points of a star that will guide us to follow the path we believe for development and humanity:


Every person has a different identity. (and It is amazing!). PeaceId is a global space where we want to share and learn from different cultures, experiences and languages.


There is no turn around. We recognize technology is the path for development, bringing amazing new resources and unexpected possibilities. We believe that the power of technology only makes sense when applied for common welfare.


Information is data processed to bring knowledge. It is crucial to support our choices and learning process. We work to share useful news and information at the service for humanity.


This pillar is to remember that knowledge has no value without communication. Communication means exchange. PeaceId is an information hub to share data, resources and possibilities for development.


We are not machines. Let’s love guide our actions, our journey in this life and profit from this amazing and unique capacity we, human beings, have to empathy and love. 

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